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Explore nearby Monticello, Utah

Monticello has many exciting things to do. Below are some of the attractions which are located nearby to our motel:

  • Attractions
    • Bears Ears National Monument
    • Frontier Museum
    • Big Four Tractor
    • Canyon Country Discovery Center
    • Newspaper Rock Recreation Site
    • Chesler Park Loop Trail
    • Church RockLoyd's Lake


Monticello has excellent restaurants to dine in near our motel. Below are some of the most loved eateries:

Granary Bar & Grill

Located 7 minutes from the Motel

Ja-Roen Thai Sushi

Located 8 minutes from the Motel

Wagon Wheel Pizza

Located 5 minutes from the Motel

Thatzza pizza

Located 7 minutes from the Motel

Gustavo's restaurant

Opening in January